Welcome to Max Ashner

Max is a Songwriter & Musician from Fuessen, Bavaria. He is currently working on releasing his upcoming Album that he produced in Munich and Los Angeles.

Max’ music has developed from ballad-heavy Rock as it can be heard on his debut album Coming Down Hard. His style now combines Americana-like Rock with piano and guitar driven tunes. Hear the full spectrum of honest music made by Max Ashner for yourself!

On The Lookout (Acoustic Preview)


Now that you didn't hear a lot from my side recently I will now introduce you to my new series of videos. As I plan to finally release the album this year, I will shoot some acoustic versions beforehand. And I am happy to hereby present the first in the line:

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 The footage for this video was shot in our cold sauna and around my hometown Füssen. Follow me on a little walk over the hills. You will also hear a snippet from the L.A. studio version.

Thank You, Simon, for the additional camera work;)


Here is the story that goes along with it:

See the sequence where I'm lying down on the bench (That's at 3:24). If you take a close look you will see something drop. ..



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